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Like many businesses continuing to come to terms with the effects of COVID-19, we have had to adapt to ensure we can continue operating to meet the demand for a wide range of products that are helping combat the virus.

Vital products, many made using plastic, include anything from medical packaging and components for ventilators, to personal protection equipment and antibacterial hygiene products.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has seen countless businesses having to temporarily, or in some cases permanently, shut down. However, in often challenging circumstances with the support of our fantastic employees, companies such as ours are pulling together to ensure vital supply chains remain open in support of the NHS and other frontline social care organisations.

At Spectra, we have been working around the clock to satisfy the unprecedented demand for essential antibacterial and liquid soap bottles following the government's guidance on handwashing hygiene best practices.

For other businesses providing essential products such as these, ensuring supply chain demands during an enforced lockdown has caused logistical challenges and personal wellbeing concerns for many employees. Despite this, our staff has risen to such challenges and adapted to a range of different working practices with enthusiasm and positivity. 

Managing Director Joe Maynard proudly said, "When the current crisis took hold, we had to make several difficult decisions to ensure we could continue operating to provide essential products while, more importantly, safeguarding the health of our valued workforce".

He added. "Staff safety is paramount as we carry on manufacturing critical products through the COVID-19 crisis. We've implemented several measures to reinforce this, and we can't thank our employees enough for their unwavering cooperation. We're only too aware that many of these measures have proved difficult as we try and ensure products get to our customers".

Several of our employees are working from home to help maintain social distancing recommendations in the workplace. Other employees have moved their usual working areas to different locations within the factory to ease social contact.

As well as members of staff working from home, we also implemented staggered shift patterns to minimise the number of people circulating at any one time. Employees have also ensured offices, working areas and canteens do not become too crowded at any given time.

Furthermore, staff are diligently cleansing desk surfaces, door handles and other frequently used items hourly on rotation. They have also been provided with antibacterial hand sanitisers for personal use, and information posters recommending best practice have also been followed.

Joe went on to comment, "We are continuing to do everything we can to ensure our staff are both safe and feel confident about coming to work. Their response to all the measures we have put in place has been supported with professionalism and genuine positivity. Unique times such as these have illustrated that everyone at Spectra is united in its determination to keep operating through challenging circumstances".